Tuesday, December 7, 2010

| It's Holiday...Again |

Assalamualaikum and Happy New Year for Islamic Calendar!

Yes, it's Holiday again. Just one day clinic start then get a rest! Haha...Actually, I have no feeling towards clinics for this first week. Suppose I have my turn for 3 clinics this week, but I only got patients for 1 clinic that is Orthodontic clinic. For OMFS clinic, I don't have to worry so much because it only takes me few patients to complete my requirement, but there still have competency test..*sigh*
What I need to be worry about is my Pedodontic clinic. Urrrggghhh... I hate paeds! I always hope my patient don't appear at the main entrance, but I have to finish my requirements...T_T
I'm not good in handling young patient especially kids! I just don't have that credibility. I hate being hypocrite!!

Suppose today, I have to read the journals and do some searching about my research. Yes, i did a bit but then I got boring and tired, so I planned for a photoshoot somewhere at Seksyen 6 Shah Alam. It wasn't really my idea but it was my friend's idea. So, this evening, me, few of my classmates and my twin went there.

So, I started my day today with jogging around Seksyen 2 Lake which such a waste for me because after that I filled my stomach with RM 8.20 breakfast that includes small plate of Nasi Lemak with fried chicken, small glass of Teh Tarik and 4 sticks of Chakoi! Such a costive breakfast! I'm gaining my weight instead of reducing it..T_T

Back from the high - priced breakfast, I sit in front of my PC and start watching Rizzoli & Isles. (I already finished watch that series, but still want to watch some more). 11.00 am, I did my laundry and then continued watch the series until 1pm. Then I went for a bath followed by Zohor prayer. I didn't go for lunch, because I already 'fulled' with the price of my breakfast this morning. So, I started reading the journals. Out of 15 journals that I found, I only manage to complete 2 journals and got some information about statistics and drugs information before I started to learn how to play guitar in youtube!

I know I waste my time a lot, but for me and maybe other dental students, having a holiday is Heaven. So, I want to do something I like instead of focusing only on my study. But that doesn't mean that I don't care, but what is the point of living if u don't have a life?

Technical Part:
Lens: Standard Kit lens 18 - 55mm
Flash: external flash attached with diffuser
Mode: Manual mode
Aperture: f/3.5 and f/4.0
Shutter speed: 1/200, 1/160, 1/125, 1/100, 1/80, 1/60, 1/50, 1/40, 1/30, 1/10, 1/6, 1/5