Sunday, December 12, 2010

| Not Alcoholic |


Not Alcoholic! Yap! That's is what I want to say..haha..It's not alcoholic actually but that is what happened when you translate the Malay word of "kaki botol" to English.

Why I want to say about this "kaki botol" issue? That term were used by my friends to me during my study week. You might be wondering, did I took alcohol???

No la...I did not take alcohol and all of you already know that alcohol is forbidden in Islamic religion. So, I never drink alcohol for this 22 years of my life.

So, what made my friends to call me "kaki botol". It is because I used to drink Redbull during my study week. Before this, I used to buy Redbull in can formed, but for the past study week, I bought 1/2 dozen of Redbull in bottle formed.

I collected all the bottles and keep it until today and I still buying Redbull since I have to finish my research..T_T

So, I'm not a "kaki botol" that referred to alcohol but I'm just "Kaki botol" of Redbull..Haha...