Thursday, December 23, 2010

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Although just now I just post a shout out in my facebook that I'm proud of Malay language, I'm still going to type this post in English because it's universal language.

So, what I want to talk today is basically about what happen to me for this 4 days of this week. I kind of improving, I start calling patient, and doing my job as a dental student. But still, I have a problem with my operative patient. I hope I can manage this problem for next session.

Also, this week I got flu, fever and cough! So irritating especially for the early few days. My fever has gone but the flu and cough still there. I don't take any medication because I planned for my fever to get worse, so that I can have MC but now I'm getting better..T_T
Whatever it is, I don't wan to go to Pusat kesihatan UiTM, because every time I got fever, I never get MC. So, I think it just a waste to go there. 

I have submitted my 2nd proposal to my Supervisor on Monday. Me and my partner promised to submit on Monday, so we did although some contents are not in the proposal because we have the problems in statistic things! We still figuring on how to calculate sample size and randomization things. I hope we can manage that problem in this week or maybe next week or we have to ask help from our supervisor.

JPA! Still I'm waiting for that money! I want to buy things..A lot of things!

Lucky, that's what I want to say about myself today. I think, I'm just a lucky person. I don't know why, but for most of the times, it just happen to me. Today, I manage to pass my denture design easily! I was so afraid to present my design to my lecturer because i have little knowledge in designing a cobalt chrome denture and I didn't read at all. It takes me more than hour just to approach my lecturer! But then, everything gone smoothly, my design accepted and I didn't get scold by my lecturer.



Nani the Freak December 24, 2010 at 2:18 PM  

I love colour pencils!hehe.anw,mouse pink?same sehhh.ha.