Wednesday, January 12, 2011

| D for Damn Good, E for Excellence |


What a day! Full of different feelings and emotions.

Worried: My lecturer told me and my classmates that we have to submit our research proposal by the end of January to the dean office. Me and my partner have to work faster but at the same time produce a good proposal with all details. In addition we might have less than 5 months to collect the data for our research..huhu..T_T

Sad: Result from previous examination have came out but only for two papers which is restorative dentistry and community dentistry. I'm going to take community dentistry this year for my 4th professional exam. But The result is very disappointing for both papers. I got D for restorative and an E for community. This is the second time I got an E in examination. The first time was during my high school for add math subject. That was the first and las time I saw the letter E on my exam paper. I never expected that I will get tthat "letter" again when I'm in the University. I have to work more harder. Oral surgery result is not out yet. But, I know my result will be bad like the other papers and I know I will be more sad because I really put an effort in Oral Surgery. That what happen when you have 3 subjects in one paper. Even though you are very good in one subject, there is no promises you will get good mark if you know nothing on the other 2 subjects.

Happy: I'm happy today because 2 persons bought me my favourite food that is Burger King. I don't expect to get 1 large set of double mushroom swiss and 1 large set of whooper in the same day at the same time. Can you imagine how am I going to finish it all in just a short time? By the way thanks a lot to my lecture, Dr Ilham Wan Mokhtar and my senior Yusriani Yusof for giving me 'A Burger King day' today..:)

Miserable: Today was totally miserable day for me and for my classmates...ohhh and for some patients. We had a problem with cubicles in our clinic and it caused some chaos in the clinic. At fist we had to move to upstairs clinic but when we already want to move, the lecturer said just stay in the downstairs clinic.

Stress: PBL (Problem Base Learning) such a stress moment today!

Happy again: I won the canon competition. But I only get 59th place out of 100 place. But, I still get the prizes!!

Worried again: When I open my laptop and start reading on my revised proposal. I still need to make more correction..huhu...T_T

Touchy: I saw cat with her 5 babies in a tiny shoe box. I tried to find another box but no one have it..Poor kittens..There are so cute!

Sleepy: Yeah, rite now I'm very sleepy. So, that's all for today..



Nani the Freak January 13, 2011 at 12:55 AM  

dear senior, we got our results too. which at the early in the morning. once i saw my results, it really makes me down for the whole day. mine are worst than yours. includes my high fever. i puked three times for today. damn. i don't know how my seniors including you, survived until almost the end. i know, it's just 1st year, some senior says it's easy, i don't know why they chose me over 5000 people who applied for the course. T.T

Nurr Kasih January 13, 2011 at 9:25 AM  

hehe cute sangat :)

YanaIshak. January 13, 2011 at 1:37 PM  

second picture tu comel. suka :)

pleased to be honourable January 13, 2011 at 7:53 PM  

nani: I always have the same feeling like urs. from the start, I always ask myself whether I'm in the right track or not..until now still have the same thought..
Nurr kasih: :)
YanaIshak: love the 2nd pic too..