Friday, January 7, 2011

| Minor Oral Surgery :: Happy |


Happy! That is the right word to describe what I feel from this morning until now. I'm having few sad days this week, but at last it ends with such a happy day with full of satisfaction.

Yesterday, I didn't even attended my morning session class and clinic because I'm too sad. I don't know why I acted like that but I did. I left my partner alone in her Periodontology clinic. I didn't meant to do like that, but if I attended the clinic, I will make other people hurt due to my unpredictable emotional feeling at that moment. So, staying at room was a better idea but... I missed my oral Surgery class..T_T

I wanted to attend that class because I thought it was in the evening, but I was wrong. The lecture was given in the morning by my supervisor. So, now I have to read on my own what is Orthognathic Surgery all about.

Whatever it is, today is different from yesterday. Today I'm totally happy. But at the morning I'm quite nervous because I'm going to do my second minor oral surgery. Yes, this is the second time but with different lecturer. I just want to have the skill of doing incision and suturing because I love that a lot! So, today I did my 2nd minor oral surgery under supervision Dr Tan Su keng, who is also my supervisor for my research project.

My second case is quite complicated and at first I also not sure whether I can finished it or my supervisor have to take over. But, the main thing is, she allow me to try first and if I can't make it then she will take over. So, I really prepared with this surgery. I read some books and journals about the procedure and all the complications related to this surgery. But, still I didn't have enough knowledge about all this thing. So, I have to read more..huhu

What I expected is not what I faced today. The surgery didn't have so much difficulty and the patient was very cooperative! I just did all the usual step like incision, bone guttering, and tooth sectioning. And I have to section the tooth one time only that is when I want to separate the crown and the root of that tooth and after that all went very smooth. The crown fragments removed by elevator, followed by removal of roots only by using elevators. I didn't even section the roots.

But nobody perfects in everything. Still, I have problem with all the infection control during surgery. I have to practice that more and more. Because infection control is very important in surgery. Poor infection control will increase the rate of infection in oral surgery. This is totally what oral surgeon and other surgeons don't want in their practice. So, my supervisor really take this issue seriously.

So, today I end up with a successful minor oral surgery (for me la...). What make me more happier when my supervisor really satisfied with my work! Very big smile for her compliment! :D

I'm not hoping for any compliments from my supervisor, but I really wanted to do a good work. I want all my work to be done perfectly and I really love this oral surgery field so I really want to have the skill in this field.