Sunday, January 16, 2011

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"Behavior cannot predict caries status.You don't really expect DMF (Decay, Missing, Filling) of dental students to be any different from other people, unless they have decided at age 5 or 6 they want to be a dental student."

That's the quote from the jury that judged the 1st Dental Symposium a few weeks ago. 

When people come to us (dental student), they would expect we have a very good looking and nice teeth. But as normal human being, people cannot expect we MUST have a good looking teeth and people cannot judge the dentist from his/her teeth.

Dentists who do not have a good looking teeth does not mean they do not take care of their oral hygiene or not a very good dentist. Like what have I quote, we cannot predict caries status base on his/her behavior. So, a dentist/dental student doesn't really have any difference in caries status from other people unless from child, they have decided to be a dentist!

Yes, I am dental student, but I don't have a very good looking teeth. I have lots of filling and lots of missing teeth.
Because I never expected I will take dentistry as my future job!!
I hate and afraid dentist before I choose this course and now I hate things that I learn (except oral surgery).
But there is always reason for what have happen. If I don't choose dentistry, I might having lots more teeth to be extracted and maybe I end up wearing denture at the age or 30 or 40!!!
Dentistry does give something to me, but I still struggling to face this course..


This is what we called Orthopantomogram (OPG)
This is mine, taken on 11th September 2009
As you can see, it only have 2 colours that is Black and White but with different opacity
The opacity of the  x-ray depends on how much the object absorb the radiation.
Objects that absorb more radiation appears black and vice versa.


Samual January 17, 2011 at 5:27 PM  

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