Monday, March 28, 2011

| When There is Not So Much Time Left |

Assalamualaikum, well currently I'm really busy with my studies especially in completing all my requirements for this year. I'll will seat for 2 papers this year and i have to finish all the requirements in each subject so that I can sit for the exam.

I had finish my requirement for Oral Surgery, just want to complete one more competency test. Maybe by this week or next I'll be able to complete it. What makes it difficult for me to sit for the exam is the requirement for community. I'm still far behind and I don't even have enough patient. I have 3 weeks left and I'm rushing to finish the requirements as soon as possible. Wish me luck.

So, same goes with my seniors. They also have to finish all their requirements in order to sit for their final exam before they can graduate and have the title Dr in front of their name. I hope they all can make it. They are our 1st batch it dental faculty if UiTM and they will present the greatness of our faculty, so I really hope they all can graduate!

Having so much requirements in not so much times is difficult. We have to use our lunch hour and after class to finish all the lab works. We have to do all the lab works by ourselves. That's the art of dentistry. So, most of the time we hanging out in the prostho lab and plaster room. Every day we go there, during lunch hour, 5pm - 7pm, even on saturday just for 1 main reason, finishing all our works. Although it just a tiny place but it is a place where we share a lot of things, where we learn something new. I'm glad to have very nice technicians that always be there for help us. They are very supportive and even used their time to help us.

These are some pictures of our prostho lab and plaster room..It's a bit messy, but that's why it is called plaster room..:)