Friday, April 22, 2011

| Professional examination 4 |


Finally...The time has come..I'll be sitting for my professional examination 4 in the next 2 weeks!!

Time move so fast. It feels just like yesterday I enter my 4th year in Faculty of Dentistry and now I'm facing the examination that will determine whether I can proceed to my final year.

Start from today, I have 2 weeks time to study all 4 subjects that i'll take as part of my exam that includes Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery, Oral Radiology and Community Dentistry. I want this exam to finish as soon as possible because I hate studying, but I still love to study Oral Surgery. I hope my interest towards Oral surgery will remain the same although next semester (InsyaAllah) I am not taking this subject as part of my examination anymore.

2 weeks for 4 subjects is not enough! I have to study all these 4 subject for 1 year ok, not 1 semester. It's hard, but hey..I have been facing this situation for almost 3 years.

Next semester, I'll be in my final year, hopefully! I don't want to extend but from the situation that I'm facing right now, the possibility for me to end this course in 5 years maybe quite difficult. I'll try hard to make it possible but if I can't make it, I'll take it as part of my learning process, so that I learn that it is not easy to be successful!

Well, I still have 1 year, and I can have that time to change myself.

My senior will graduate soon. I'll miss them. It will be less fun without them here in our faculty. Hopefully they will be a great dentist out there and hopefully they will still remember us in this faculty.

Well, Good luck to all my friends and also My Seniors. Nothing is impossible if we try hard to make it accomplish!

So, basically...this is my examination timetable..