Friday, May 20, 2011

| Exam + Holiday |


Finally, all finished! I mean exams. 2 weeks of tiredness, 2 weeks of struggling, 2 weeks of worrying..Finally it has come to the end. My professional exam 4 had finished. And now I'm going to be the final year student in Faculty of Dentistry UiTM.

Well, my seniors and my juniors also had finished all their exams and for my seniors, this is their final year and the last exam (hopefully) for them. I hope they all will passed and be the first batch of dentist graduate from UiTM.

Before this I already mentioned that I was invited to Viva voce distinction for Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine and Oral Radiology. The night before the Viva, I was so nervous, because I had a bad experience in this viva thing during my first year. I was afraid that I'm going to forgot my matrix number again this time. But, guess what...the external examiner don't even ask my matrix number this time. Lucky me..haha!!

I was the 5th person in the list for the viva and the external examiner is Professor Dr. Dr. Roger Arthur Zwahlen from Hong Kong University. He is nice and generous person and very cute as well...:)
He has double degree in both medicine and dentistry and he was my supervisor's supervisor during her master programme in Hong Kong University..

To make the story short, I did not quite well in the viva..huhu..All my answer is mixed up. I felt stupid especially in front of my supervisor...huhu...I know the answer but I'm afraid that my answer is wrong, so I kept silence for some time..It was a stupid thing to do in the viva room. I should be more confidence..huhu..

So, now..I'm free but I can't go home yet...Tomorrow I'm going to Teluk Intan, Perak for my friend's wedding and I'm going to be her photographer. Then, I have to stay 2 more weeks in Shah Alam for 2 more photography jobs.

Actually I have a long holiday..(4 month actually..if follow university calendar) but then, I had to attend intersession on July for 5 weeks I guess. Well, that's how dental student life. We have lot works to do and short holidays. But hey, I've been facing this for 3 years so already used to it. I planned to star my research during this holiday but we me, my partner and my supervisor have some problems, so we can't proceed with the research.

But this evening, my supervisor called me for some good news on our research. I was so happy for the news and I'm excited to get this research started. I'm fortunate to get a very dedicated supervisor. I'd told her that I was worried if we can't get the medicine, and you know, she was more worried since she is our supervisor and she always told me not to worried and she'll manage all things.

She always called me to let me and my partner know about the progress of the research and sometime, she tell some of her story..She's just not helpful for our research but in our study too..She is totally different from what I imagine before. I can't stop saying how nice is she because she is really nice..(I want to show her pic, but I don't have one...I'll try to get her picture someday!)

Okay, I'm going to pack my things now cause tomorrow I'm going to Perak!!! Can't wait to go to Lost World of Tambun!! Bye2...