Tuesday, August 16, 2011

| 5 Weeks End |

Salam and Good Evening readers.

Finally, the clinical part of my research come to the end. But it's not truly the end because we still will continue to collect patient later. Just for the conference, we will used the amount of patient and data that we already have until today. I don't know how to say, whether I'm happy or what. It's mix feeling for me.

I've been focusing on this research for more than 5 weeks and I take it very serious and very important. It's kind of relief for me when the surgery stop until here, but still I feel sad cause we are unable to achieve the exact sample  for the conference. But, like what my supervisor said, it's already good for us as undergraduate to achieve that kind of sample size. I know my supervisor is very positive thinking and that's what I admire about her.

Well, we finished our last surgery on last Friday, but I managed to talk with my supervisor and my partner together on Monday. She is very supportive and understanding. It was a good talk with her that day. She taught us a lot, not only on study, research but also about life and how to be better person/dentist and at the same time she is very nice, understanding and supportive. 

She told us about lot of things, what to do and what not to do. I never imagined that she's like that when I first met her. I never imagined she's going to be my supervisor and I never imagined she will be so nice to me and my partner. What I like most about her is that, she is very low profile. Even though she's a surgeon but she never being proud of herself and she respect people. Each time we finished surgery, she will said thank you to all DSA, staff nurses, attendance and even me..I wish I can be like that in the future. 

That day, I told her what I feel about this research and I was surprised when she said she understand what type of person I am. She gave good advice to me and my partner and she always guide us to be better. I hope she won't give up on me. She's my very good "teacher" in this faculty. She remind me of my great teacher during my high school.

I just hope I can still work together with her in the future.

 p/s: Seems like I've been posting lots of words nowadays...sorry I've been busy with my clinical project and research, do not have enough time to snap some good pictures..Maybe later...:)


Anonymous August 16, 2011 at 11:45 PM  

alia orang 1st comment..

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