Sunday, August 7, 2011

| The 7th of Ramadhan |

Salam and Good Morning readers.

Well it has been 7 days in Ramdhan. It's already a week I've been fasting, 3 weeks left until Syawal. I just woke up and immediately type this post.

Not much happened yesterday and today Yesterday I slept after sahur and woke up at noon. I'm really tired and sleepy because I've been taken antihistamine for flu. I planned to go to lab finishing my works, but I end up in the bed for more than 6 hours that morning. Today, my condition still the same but I'm not taking any antihistamine today. My head is so heavy and it feel like it going to explode anytime soon I can't take pain killer now...huhu..

Luckily, yesterday I managed to make a correction of thesis and sent back to my supervisor. Well, not really yesterday actually but today because I sent an email to her at 1 am this morning. She has asked me and my partner to do correction I think few days back, but I just can finish the correction early this morning. I'm quite slow rite now.

Tommorow, we only got 3 patients for surgery...huhu, I'm sad cause number of patients keep on reducing time by time...This Friday, we might only have 2/3 patients only and the next Monday and Friday we might have no patient at all. I'm just hoping that when new semester start I'll be able to find an empty slot for us to proceed with this research. I really don't want it to stop now cause my aimed is to achieve the desired sample size. I'm waiting for my timetable to be release and I'm hoping I can find a miracle in it. Pray hard!

Everyone now already bought their ticket for Eid next month. Usually I also buy ticket early, but until now I still can't decide when I should go back home. Weird, I don't feel anything about Eid this year and I'm not worry at all about the ticket and I don't even bother to buy any Baju Kurung for this Eid. Maybe I have put all my 'worry' into my research! haha...Well, I know I'll be worry soon as I find out my ticket already sold out..haha..

Oh, this year I've been saving my money a lot! Because I don't have to buy food for 'bukak puasa'. I spent this 7 days at Pusat Islam UiTM for bukak puasa with my friends. It is a difference experience for me and my friends because this is the first time in 5 years we go bukak puasa at Pusat Islam. It's such a nice and good experience cause I'm able to solat jemaah maghrib, isya' and tarawikh, things that I rarely do as a muslim..huhu..

Well, that's all for now, I should go...Lot of things to do rite now..