Thursday, October 4, 2012

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Good morning earth!

Well, I don't usually wake up early in the morning, but since I was back in Perlis, I have nothing much to do, nothing much to think about and to be stress about, so I sleep quite early nowadays and wake up quite early in the morning. Not much different by being home. It's kind of the same like staying in the college back then, coz I have to do all by myself. Lucky to those have their mother to be housewife. So, for those whose mum is the housewife please don't complaint about how difficult your life is.

Because both of my parents are working and all of my siblings are not around and working too, so every day pretty the same for me. I woke up in the morning, tidy up my home, vacuum all the floor, do all the dishes and laundry, tidy up the kitchen and all the rooms, clean the toilets, remove the spider webs, clean up the fan, mop the floor and even cooking. Yes, I have to cook because I don't have anyone to prepare my lunch. Back then before I started to eat balanced diet, I used to eat maggi or any junk food coz I hate cooking. But now, since I eat based on the calories, so I need to cook in order to get enough calories and other nutrient. Well, I went out sometime for lunch with my friends but I can't be very sure about the calories in the food outside. So, it's better for me to cook my own dish.

My mother taught me everything including sewing and cooking. I know how to do all the housework even some of the repairing part. But, I don't really like to do all of that. I can cook, but I'm not that into cooking. I can make a baju kurung but I hate sewing.....

But when I have or need to cook I'll do it properly. I might hate cooking, but i cooked well. I'm not being proud but that what some of people told me when they eat food that I cook. I'm not that into Malay cuisine but I'm more on western. I think western foods are easy to cook and you can adjust everything in the recipe. I can do steak or grilled chicken/beef very well, steamed and grilled potatoes, cream puff (this one i learnt from my roommate), steamed chicken and fish and one of my favourite, nasi goreng serai. Nasi goreng serai, I can say like the type of fried rice that our family usually eat. So, usually I'm the one who responsible to cook it and you know why? Because it taste good when I was the chef...haha

So today I made a new recipe (for me la), that is pancake. I wanted to eat pancake long time ago when I was in Shah Alam. I planned with my twin and one of my friend to have some of the pancake at the Paddington House of Pancake. But somehow our planned work our coz, when we arrived it was lunch our already and we want to get some rice instead of pancake. So, now it's my chance to taste my very own pancake. (honestly I never eat pancake like this, usually my mother make lempeng pisang and it's not look like what I saw in tv or game)


shezz October 4, 2012 at 1:14 PM  

the plating n the way it was captured make it looks so sedapppp....kalau aku yg ambik gmbr msti xdak perasaan pon nk makan..haha..

nur afiqah abdul rahman October 4, 2012 at 1:59 PM main paki letak ja hiasan tu...