Wednesday, October 10, 2012

| MMU 13th Convocation : Mohd Hanif Bin Harun |

Good Evening readers.

Last Sunday, I've been in Shah Alam to attend my friend convocation at MMU Cyberjaya. It was a last minute decision because to go there needs at least RM 100 just for transportation. But, I kind of missing Shah Alam because I've been there quite long enough and I rarely went back home during holiday back then when I was studying in Shah Alam. So, on Saturday morning I bought a night ticket to Shah Alam. I would say, it's worth spending some money for this short trip. 

Well, back to the main reason, I was there to attend my friend's convocation. He happen to be my best friend's boyfriend. Actually, he is my former classmate and schoolmate back then in SMK Derma. But, guess what, I barely talked to him back then during my high school time. Maybe because of his appearance, but then all of sudden everything change when we leave high school. Maybe during that time, we still young and not matured enough in term of thinking and other things. So, now we talk and even hang out together as a friend. 

So, don't judge book by its cover. Thats what I can say after I know him as a person(?) haha...Enjoy the pictures!

p/s: I use beginner DSLR with just standard lens and prime lens. Sorry for the quality. I hope one day I can upgrade to a better one.


Nia Ridzwan October 12, 2012 at 10:48 AM  

sukanya gambaq background awan2. huhu.
cantik semua. smart dah. kak afiq terbaik ^_^ kami suka tone gambaq hampa. buat lah tutorial ^^

nur afiqah abdul rahman October 12, 2012 at 8:19 PM  

haha...tak pandai sgt nak buat tutorial ni...nanti2 la kot..