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| 11 Months! |

Good Evening!
Wow! I first arrived in Miri on 27th November 2012 and on 27th September 2013, it was ELEVEN months already. Who knows, it has been ELEVEN months since I first landed in this Oil City of Miri. To be precise it has been ELEVEN MONTHS, 2 WEEKS AND 1 DAY I become a first year dental officer in Miri, Sarawak.

I always wanted to update my blog but I'm quite lazy nowadays, maybe because I already work and I don't do stuff like blogging anymore?? I don't know...I do have lots of time, lots of story to tell in this blog, but...I'm just not that determine like before. I gained some weight due to my laziness! Now I'm dying to lose all the weight....again. *sigh*

Okay, you must be wondering, why on earth I start to open this blog again and typing on my keyboard for this post (?) or maybe you're not....but who cares kan? It's my blog anyway...haha..Well, actually, I received an email from my former Prosthodontic lecturer who asked me about some of the pictures that I took around faculty back then when I was a student. I realized then, I have abandoned my blog, even my camera for quite some time. Well, not some time actually....long, long, loooooooonnnnngggggg time!! Now I realize why most people said, you will become this lazy person when you start working, how your weight gained drastically when u start working. you know why? Because you start feeling comfortable with yourself, no more homework, no more exams, no more requirement, earning quite high amount of salary, just sit doing your, it creates a lazy person inside you.

Well, actually that's not the main point. The main point here is, how I survived for more than 11 months in this city. I remembered, when I first arrived in Miri, I felt my life was so difficult until one point, I want to quit my job and returned back to Penisular Malaysia, but I never cry though. I never cry I've been posted here. Now, I feel glad I'm here. I learnt a lot of things. Things that I would never learn if I was posted somewhere else in Penisular. I know it's kind of bias for me to say that because every person have different experience, I might say the same thing even if I was posted in other states in Penisular Malaysia. But, right now I think I just feel lucky to be posted here.

I traveled a lot! Although mostly only in Borneo, but that's the best experience, the most adventurous. I don't think I will take a flight to Sabah if I was posted in penisular. I don't think I will experience 10 hours journey by car from Miri to Sabah, I don't think I will go to Brunei by chance....In this 11 months, I have been to Sabah 3 times! (This 23rd going to be my fourth times already!), I went to Kuching, Lawas, Limbang, Brunei, Bintulu, Brunei and Johor! If I was in Penisular, I think if I want to travel to Sarawak, I'll just landed in Kuching. That's it, no adventure at all. I'm glad to have one of my best friend in Sabah and my twin who also loves to travel. At least I have somebody who share the same experience. I plan to climb the mount of Kinabalu but currently I still have no luck. In my list, I still have Tawau for another great experience for snorkeling and diving (but unfortunately, I can't dive..huhuh). Currently, the weather in Sabah  not really promising for any snorkeling activity. I just hope that my next trip to Sabah in 2 weeks time, the weather is okay because we planned to go to The Tip of Borneo in Kudat.

I not only traveled as in vacation, but I do travel during my work. The interesting about Sarawak is that, every place is quite far and not all places have dental clinic. So, sometime we, dental officer have to travel to give treatment for this people who can't access to basic dental treatment in city. Because 1 place to other place is so far, sometime patients did came to our clinic in city, but they have to pay a lot just to seek for dental treatment. Some of the patient need to travel by hilux (because most of places do not have a nice, proper road), some need to take express (which is boat) just to go to nearby town. And the journey sometime takes 12 hours, and when they arrive at city area, they have to find a place to stay. So, that's why sometime we have to travel to these rural places just to give them some basic dental treatment, mostly extraction. So, I don't have a lot of experience in travelling cause, I only been to only 1 place which is in Niah. It's not that rural, but they do not have government dental clinic over there. So, last time when I was there, I did more than 50 teeth in just few hours. I don't know if I ever experience that if I was not posted here.

So, there you go. My life for these 11 months in Miri. Apa lagi eh menarik kat sini??? Ohh, yes...their culture, their language and their foods. As you all know, Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia and they have a lots of ethnic that some that you will not find in Penisular Malaysia. As a dental officer, we need to fill in our return (It's a piece of paper that consist of race, gender, age, treatment that we did, basically it's just a record of what we did to patient) for every dental treatment that we gave. So, it has this column for race. I bet if in Penisular, most of patient will fall in Malay, Chinese and Indian category, but here in Sarawak, you will find lots of ehtnic or race like Iban, Kenyah, Kayan, Bisaya, Penan, Lumbawang (Mesti korang tak penah dengar kan?? hahaha)....You name it! There's a lot of ethnic here, and what was prepared in the return still cannot fulfill the list of ethnic here in Sarawak. Some of the ethnic are listed in "Bumiputera Sarawak Lain" because, you can't list down all the ethnic in that one paper. Their ethnic is just one thing, their language is another thing. Most local Sarawak is Iban, so they have newspaper with Iban language. Malay here speaks "Bahasa Melayu Sarawak". So far, I can understand some of the words from this two language but still not have the courage to talk in that language. hahaha...So, every ethnic has their own language. So, let say your patient is Iban, and don't know or don't understand  Malay (yes, we have that kind of patients, but mostly the older patient), you need a translator. If they come alone, then you need to find someone who can speak their own language. How interesting is that rite?

Basically, I can say my life is good. I still do not plan for transfer because I think I will lost a lot of things (one thing is my own salary). I know every place is different and I might have more interesting experience in any state in this country, but so far I think Borneo is awesome! I still want to use the time that I have to travel, experiencing things and learning about culture in this Borneo state. I was schedule for rural posting by mid November, but due to some problem, my posting was postponed until mid January. I just hope that I will get a good place because I still want to experience the adventure!

Until my next post (Tak tau la bila plak..hahah), adios!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

| Niah National Park, Miri |

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| Sabah Gateway :: 2nd Part |

Good evening readers.

Hari ni aku akan continue post aku pasal percutian selama 6 hari aku di Sabah. Gambar aku tak habis edit lagi, sorry la sebab lambat sikit post gambar sekarang ni. Sekarang ni malam memang aku mengantuk giler and tidur pun awal giler. Tidur awal pun, time kat tempat kerja still lagi mengantuk.

Okay, pagi Khamis, 27.12.12 aku bangun agak lambat jugak la kalau nak dibandingkan dengan timing aku bangun kat Miri ni. Nasib baik ada kawan kawan aku yang tolong kejutkan aku solat subuh..huhu.. After solat tu aku memang dah tak tidur balik. Breakfast aku pagi tu, Nad yang sediakan. Special betul layanan yang diberikan oleh Nad, ye la kan aku sorang je yang datang time tu. Cakap pasal bercuti ni, sebenarnya, semua orang macam terkejut aku boleh pergi bercuti ke Sabah time tengah tak dak duit and tak dapat gaji ni. Aku pun macam, ala..aku pegi Sabah je kot. Then baru aku realise yang memang aku sorang je yang bercuti sakan. Orang lain tak pergi mana pun. Haha..ada one of my friend ni siap tanya kawan aku yang kat Miri ni samada kitorang dah dapat gaji ke belum. Honestly memang tak dapat gaji lagi pun. Tapi aku boleh bercuti sket maybe sebab aku ada saving yang disimpan oleh mak aku semenjak aku kecil and aku ada back up from my twin. haha...Tapi aku pergi Sabah ni pun bukan saja saja, tapi sebenarnya nak pergi melawat tempat tempat lama yang pernah aku pergi 19 tahun yang lepas.

Aktiviti hari pertama aku di Sabah adalah pergi melawat bangunan kerajaan. Ha, tau tak kenapa aku cakap macam tu? Sebab memang seharian aku pergi bangunan je, tak pegi melawat tempat menarik langsung. Dalam pukul 9.00 pagi macam tu, aku pun bertolak dari rumah Kak Cik menuju ke pejabat lama tempat mak aku kerja dulu. Nama pejabat mak aku tu Lembaga Pertubuhan Peladang. Tapi bawah pejabat ni ada Pertubuhan Peladang Kawasan, disebabkan terlalu banyak alamat dalam internet, aku pun tersalah baca alamat. Aku terbaca alamat untuk pergi ke Pertubuhan Peladang Kawasan bukannya Lembaga Pertubuhan Peladang. Dah la hari tu, first day Nad drive kereta baru dia, sampai Inanam aku bawak dia nak pergi cari pejabat tu. Sampai kat Inanam tu, aku macam pelik kenapa tak der bangunan bangunan besar, so aku pun pergi la tanya orang kat kedai seven eleven. Diorang pun tak sure dengan alamat yang aku bagi and diorang suruh jalan ke depan sikit. Jalan sikit ke depan, tak jugak jumpa, so kitorang stop kat petrol station and tanya jalan kat orang kaunter. Malangnya, diorang pun tak tau. Diorang siap call guna nombor telefon yang ada kat address tu tapi nombor tak der dalam perkhidmatan. Time tu aku dah macam "sudah, takkan pejabat ni dah tukar tempat?" Sambil dok tunggu orang kaunter tu tanya orang lain, aku pun tengok balik kat alamat yang aku bagi tu, time tu baru aku perasan yang alamat aku bagi tu salah. Aku pun cakap thanks kat orang kaunter and masuk dalam kereta and bagitau kat Nad yang kitorang dah salah tempat. Tempat tu sebenarnya dekat Bangunan KWSP di Karamunsing and Karamunsing tu sangatlah dekat..huhu....So, kitorang pun patah balik pergi karamunsing.

Dalam perjalanan nak pergi karamunsing tu, kitorang ada sesat sikit and kena la buat U turn. Time nak buat U turn tu, tetiba aku ternampak satu masjid yang aku memang sangat familiar sebab aku pernah ambil gambar kat masjid tu. So, aku excited giler and cakap kat Nad, aku nak datang tangkap gambar kat Masjid tu after pergi pejabat mak aku. Nad macam tak kisah je, and bawak aku pergi ke mana saja aku nak pergi..haha..After few minutes dari Masjid tu, kitorang pun sampai la kat tempat letak kereta yang agak jauh dari bangunan KWSP tu. Terpaksa parking jauh sebab kawasan tu memang parking full. Kitorang pun jalan la from car park and masuk dalam bangunan tu. Aku memang tka tengok pun blok mana yang aku masuk. Yang aku tau bangunan tu tingkat 8. So, nampak je lif, aku dengan Nad terus naik sampai tingkat 8. Sampai je tingkat 8, tengok tengok ada Jabatan lain, bukannya LPP. So, kitorang pun tanya kat oone of the staff kat situ kat mana pejabat LPP and dia beritahu pejabat tu berada di blok D and time tu kitorang kat blok A. Turun la balik kitorang sampai ground floor and jalan keliling bangunan untuk cari blok D. Bila dah di blok D, kitorang naik lif balik sampai tingkat 8 and kitorang pun nampak la pejabat tu. Tapi, malangnya pejabat tu pulak kunci. Aku terus call mak aku mintak dia tolong tanya macam mana nak masuk pejabat tu. After mak aku dah tanya semua, mak aku pun bagitau yang pejabat tu tengah renovate and diorang pEndaT pergi blok*C, Jo kami pun terpaksa la turun and patah balik pergi blok C. Sampai je kat tingkat 8 Blok C, aku pun pergi la kat kaunter pertanyaan and bagitau nak jumpa orang yang pernah kerja kat situ dari tahun 1995, tapi semua orang pun tak tau. So, sekali lagi aku mintak mak aku call and tolong tanyakan. Rupa rupanya, semua kawan mak aku tu tengah bercuti, so tak dapat la aku nak berjumpa dengan kawan lama mak aku. Pagi tu, berapa jam je habis dok cari pejabat, last last tak jumpa sapa pun.

Lepas turun dari bangunan KWSP, kitorang cadang nak pergi ambil gambar and sembahyang kat masjid Sabah yang aku mention kat atas tadi. Tapi disebabkan time tu dah nak tengah hari and aku dah janji dengan kawan aku budak Sabah, Florence yang aku nak lunch dengan dia and aku pun tak tau sangat jalan nak pergi ke tempat kerja dia, so aku cancel nak solat kat masjid tu untuk tengah hari tu and aku terus menuju ke Hospital Queen Elizabeth II. Hospital ni hospital baru...tak la baru pun cuma baru dibeli oleh kerajaan dari Sabah Medical Centre. 19 tahun dulu cuma ada Queen Elizabeth I je. Disebabkan si Florence tu tak boleh keluar awal, so aku pun pergi la solat kat surau di hospital tu dulu. After solat, kitorang bertiga pun pergi la Lunch kat The Hut restaurant. Restaurant ni dekat je dengan QE II and kedai ni serve western cooking jugak. Restaurant ni ada tanda halal, tapi bila time aku nak kuar and time aku tengok menu, diorang ada serve bir. Kawan aku cakap, maybe diorang beli je logo halal tu. Aku pun tak sure bab tu, tapi Florence cakap, melayu makan je masakan from that kedai sebab kedai tu buat catering jugak.

After lunch dengan Florence, kitorang hantar dia balik ke tempat kerja and kitorang straight away pergi patah balik menuju ke Masjid Negeri Sabah. Disebabkan aku dah solat jamak and waktu asar pun tak masuk lagi, aku dengan Nad just pergi ambil gambar je kat situ.Time nak ambil gambar tu, aku memang nak cari tempat yang aku penah ambil gambar time aku kecil dulu, tapi aku pun tak ingat tempat tu kat area mana, so aku main pakai ambil je gambar, asalkan ada nampak masjid tu pun dah cukup, sebab tu main point aku, nak melawat tempat yang aku pernah pergi time kecik.  Lepas dah habis aku amik gambar, kami pun terus menuju ke arah rumah baru aku.

Disebabkan aku nak la try rasa bawak kereta baru, aku mintak la kat Nad untuk aku bawak kereta dia. haha...Nad ni baik, dia bagi je aku bawak even aku bukan terror mana pun bawak kereta, kalau bawak motor tu memang terror la. So, jalan nak pergi rumah lama aku tu rupa rupanya sebelah je dengan KKIA. 19 tahun yang lepas, mana ada airport sebelah Taman tempat aku tinggal tu, KKIA tu airport baru and sekarang dah ada fly over kat situ. Rumah lama aku terletak kat Taman Jumbo di area Petagas. Sampai je aku kat area rumah lama aku tu, aku terus tak tau nak cari rumah aku, sebab semuanya dah lain. Sangat sangat berbeza, tak macam 19 tahun yang lepas. Seingat aku, rumah aku corner lot and lintas jalan ada kedai. Tapi bila aku sampai sana, ada banyak pulak lorong Jumbo and jalan kat situ semakin sesak and semakin sempit. Kalau 19 tahun yang lepas, jalan kat situ memang tak sempit and tak banyak kereta. Area situ luas giler. memang lain lah! Aku memang tak cam langsung mana satu rumah aku. Lepas habis round 1 taman, aku jumpa satu corner lot ni betul betul tepi jalan and sebelah dia ada kedai. So, aku assume kemungkinan besar itu adalah rumah aku. Jadi aku pun ambil gambar buat kenangan. Tapi, aku tak tau la betul ke tak tu rumah aku, kalau salah aku kena pergi balik Sabah and cari balik la..haha...

Lepas dah settle tangkap gambar semua, aku pun menuju pulak ke Klinik Penampang, bukan nak buat apa pun, cuma nak pergi ambil sorang kawan aku ni. Pagi tu dia datang berdua dengan sorang lagi kawan, tapi yang sorang lagi kawan ni, Maziahtul (Maz) demam and balik rumah, so terpaksa la kitorang pergi ambil sorang lagi kawan aku ni, Hamadah (Madah). Before pergi klinik tu, kitorang singgah supermarket cari stereng lock untuk kereta Nad. Sampai je Klinik tu, aku tengok environment dia sebijik macam Klinik Kesihatan Arau. Kat klinik tu cuma ada dua je dental chair and dental chair yang lama punya. Officer punya la ramai, tapi dental chair ada dua je. Macam mana nak dapat buat banyak patient kalau macam tu? After Madah and Nad selesai solat, kitorang pun gerak balik ke rumah.

On the way nak balik rumah tu, Kak Cik pesan beli makanan kat kedai mamak on the way nak sampai rumah. Disebabkan aku lapar, aku pun order la Nasi goreng ayam. Sambil tunggu nasi goreng ayam siap, aku and Nad pergi la round kedai runcit cari bahan bahan nak buat sandwich keesokkan pagi. Sandwich tu buat bekal untuk pergi Pulau hari Jumaat nanti. Dah selesai beli barang, Madah and Maz dah tunggu dekat kereta, diorang siap bayar aku punya nasi goreng lagi. So, kitorang pun naik keta and straight away balik rumah. Sampai je rumah, aku pun nak la makan nasi goreng tu, bukak bukan aku tengok, nasi goreng punya la banyak, tapi aku tak nampak ayam seketul pun. Aku pun hairan la and tanya, "betul ke ni nasi ayam?" Diorang pun cakap la kat aku, kat Sabah ni bukan macam semenanjung. Nasi goreng ayam harga RM 5.00 memang tak der ayam seketul, kalau nak ayam seketul, sama ada RM 8.00 or RM 11.00. Bapak mahal! Aku tak sangka makanan kat Sabah ni lagi mahal dari makanan dekat KL. Since that day, aku pun bersyukur la aku dapat Miri. Even Miri makanan agak mahal tapi aku boleh cakap dia cuma standard Shah Alam and I have been living in Shah Alam for the past 5 years, so aku dah boleh adapt dengan harga harga makanan ni. Ye la, kalau nak compare dengan Perlis memang tak dapat la.

Malam tu aku makan sikit je sebab Kak Cik ajak aku keluar. Alang alang dia nak hantar kawan dia ke airport, dia bawak aku jalan jalan pergi kat area mana aku pun tak tau, tapi situ banyak pasar and ada banyak jual jual barang, lebih kurang macam pasar malam la. Kebetulan aku pun nak cari souvenir untuk kawan kawan aku, so aku pun join la Kak Cik even aku memang penat sangat hari tu sebab tak cukup tidur semua. Sampai je kat area pasar tu, macam macam benda ada jual. Paling banyak sekali aku nampak mutiara la, tapi semua mutiara tu for sure la fake. Aku jalan jalan carik baju "I Love Sabah" tapi semua mahal and aku terjumpa satu design baju yang banyak jual time tu ada tulis "Borneo Wildlife". Baju tu sangat cantik and ada banyak warna, tapi harga dia mahal jugak. So, Kak Cik cadangkan aku beli nanti kat Gaya Street, sebab dia kata kat situ lagi murah. So, malam tu aku balik rumah tanpa membeli apa apa except for Starbucks..Haha...

Malam before tidur tu aku charge semua bateri kamera aku and aku bercadang untuk bawak kamera compact nad sekali sebab senang nak tangkap gambar. I mean tangkap gambar berdua since kitorang pergi pula dua orang je, so tak der la orang nak tolong amik gambar untuk kitorang. Kalau guna DSLR, memang susah la nak amik gambar sendiri, ditambah dengan berat kamera tu sekali. Puas aku cari charger kamera Nad, tapi tak jumpa..So, aku pun kejut la si Nad ni bangun mintak dia tolong cari, dia carik pun tak jumpa. Last last sekali dia call adik dia and baru la tau yang charger kamera tu tertinggal kat semenanjung. Penat cari semalaman sampai kejutkan orang tidur, rupa rupanya memang tak der pun charger tu. So, aku pun tka jadi charge kamera Nad and terus pergi tidur.

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| Sabah Gateway :: Masjid Negeri.Jesselton Point.Mamuntik Island |